Implant Dentistry

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Implant Dentistry

If you need to replace one or more missing teeth, implant dentistry offers a solution. It’s also an area of expertise for Ashley Kim, DDS, at Walnut Woods Dental in Walnut Creek, California. If you’re curious and ready to explore dental implants in greater detail, call or click to set up a one-on-one consultation. 

Implant Dentistry Q&A

Why is it so important to replace missing teeth?

Missing teeth can certainly change the appearance of your smile, but aesthetics are only part of the problem. When you lose a tooth, you also lose the jaw-bone stimulation that occurs each time you bite down or chew. 


The bone beneath a lost tooth can begin to slowly wear away, a process known as resorption. This can weaken the connection between adjacent teeth and bone, creating a cascade of additional tooth loss. 


Missing teeth also change the dynamics of your bite. Your remaining teeth can experience undue pressure, which can cause them to become loose or shift even more out of alignment. You might also experience changes in the way you speak caused by a gap in your smile. 

How can implant dentistry restore my smile?

Individual implants consist of a metal post that replaces the tooth’s root and an artificial crown that replaces the visible tooth structure. Some systems use a small connector (abutment) to secure the post to the crown. 


There are also dental implant systems that replace an entire upper or lower arch of teeth using several implanted posts. This approach is a good alternative to multiple individual implants. 


Because dental implants are surgically installed in your jaw bone, they work to preserve bone health. Implants are designed to last a lifetime, and they offer an outstanding return on your investment over time. 

How can I take care of my implant dentistry results?

Once your bone tissue fuses to the implanted post(s) and the crown(s) are attached, your implant treatment is complete. Dental implants don’t require much in the way of special care. 


Your implants can’t decay, but it’s still important to brush and floss normally to avoid an accumulation of plaque and bacteria. If you replaced all of your upper or lower teeth with an implant system, Dr. Kim can show you new flossing techniques to clean the space between your implants and gums. 


Avoid biting down on hard, nonfood items or using your teeth as tools to open packaging or hold items in place. If the crown portion of your implant sustains a chip or another type of damage, it’s possible to replace the crown. 


Dr. Kim checks your implants during all subsequent dental exams. If you’re ready to schedule a consultation to learn more, call or click today to set up an appointment at Walnut Woods Dental.