Pediatric Dentistry

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Pediatric Dentistry

Taking great care of your teeth begins in childhood, and working with an outstanding pediatric dentistry provider is important. At Walnut Woods Dental in Walnut Creek, California, Ashley Kim, DDS, loves working with kids, helping them learn how to maintain a healthy, happy smile. Book a visit for your child today using the easy online scheduling page, or call to check appointment availability. 

Pediatric Dentistry Q&A

When is the right time to bring my baby in for pediatric dentistry?

Many parents are surprised to learn the importance of bringing little ones in to see a dentist as soon as that first tiny tooth begins to peek through, or before their first birthday. These early visits allow Dr. Kim to assess how your baby’s teeth are erupting through the gum tissue. 


Early dental visits are also an opportunity for parents to get guidance and support on topics like weaning from the bottle, healthy snacking, and how to brush baby’s gums and teeth. It also helps your child get used to visiting the dentist, and over time, they may even learn to look forward to dental appointments. 

What pediatric dentistry services might my child need?

Preventive dentistry is the central focus within pediatric dental care. As kids grow and develop, Dr. Kim teaches them how to take great care of their teeth and gums. When children embrace healthy dental habits from a very early age, they reduce their risk of gum disease and dental decay. 


Once kids enter elementary school and begin to replace baby teeth with permanent teeth, Dr. Kim may recommend dental sealants. This preventive treatment uses a safe plastic material to seal off the tiny crevices on the biting surfaces of a child’s back molars, which is an area where cavities commonly develop. 


Fluoride treatments might also be part of your child’s ongoing dental care. If a cavity develops or if your child experiences a knocked-out or chipped tooth, restorative care strives to address the problem as quickly as possible, and without pain. 


Dr. Kim enjoys working with kids and understands the importance of creating positive impressions of dental care, which can last a lifetime. 

How often should I bring my child in for pediatric dentistry visits?

Most children should come in for pediatric dentistry visits every six months. These appointments include a quick dental exam and professional cleaning. Dr. Kim performs imaging from time to time to learn more about your child’s internal tooth and bone structure. X-rays are never done more frequently than needed. 


The team at Walnut Woods Dental is always here to help when sudden dental issues arise. If your child complains of dental pain or experiences a broken or damaged tooth, call to see if a same-day visit is possible. 


If you have additional questions about pediatric dental services, call the office and book a visit. Online scheduling is also an option.